[VIDEO] 10 Attributes of Successful Construction Supervisors

Leath Group LLC's Larry Kokklenberg shared his 10 tips for successful supervision on construction jobsites (quiz: what roles do power and influence play?)

When asked about the toughest part of a job, there is one answer that stands above the rest: dealing with people. Employees often get frustrated or annoyed with their job because of the people around them. These interpersonal problems can lead to the downfall of the hierarchal system within a company.

Larry Kokklenberg, of Leath Group, LLC spoke about this all-too-common issue at World of Asphalt 2019. Kokklenberg explained that levels of promotion within a company do not always work for every employee, and are typically the cause of a relational disconnect between coworkers. Not everyone is comfortable, or even capable, of managing others, so this is where effective supervision is at its peak importance.

    To better explain how to supervise employees at all levels, Kokklenberg discussed 10 simple guidelines for effective supervision.

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