New Drone-Services Directory Helps Contractors Get Aerial Assistance

Online directory searchable by geography and service gives contractors, utilities, transportation and real estate organizations access to professional unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities

WPL Publishing Co.
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WPL Publishing Co. unveiled a Drone Services and Equipment Directory for construction and related industries. The directory will help organizations quickly locate FAA333 exemption holders in their state who can provide specific drone services, including:

  • Mapping (LIDAR; photogrammetry)
  • Survey, measurement and layout
  • Data collection for BIM (building information modeling)
  • Inspection
  • FLIR/infrared services
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Aerial photography/videos
  • Plus 10 other categories of service

Future listings will include insurance, drone equipment, consulting and training providers as well. As the industry evolves and new capabilities are developed, particularly payload-carrying drones, the Drone Directory is expected to be front and center in helping industry professionals quickly find what they are looking for. In addition to Services Offered, Locations Served and Certifications, readers may search by Industry Type and even by Type of Drone. Visit the Directory at