NET AXII Measuring Station

Fully robotic total station series for precision-intensive tasks

Sokkia NETAXII Sokkia 54ad9fd38d7af

The NET AXII fully robotic total station series is designed for precision-intensive tasks such as monitoring, bridge construction and other highly detailed engineering projects.

  • NET1 AXII offers a 1-in. angle accuracy and is suited for long-distance measurements
  • NET05 AXII has a 0.5-in. angle accuracy and is suited for high-accuracy survey and construction projects
  • Auto-collimation system allows NET05 AXII to lock onto targets that are closest to the center view of the telescope, providing long-range precision even in low-light conditions
  • Reflector Prescan technology improves setup efficiency by automatically locating approximate reflector positions even when they can't be seen by the human eye
  • Other features include Bluetooth connectivity options, an IP65 durability rating and TSshield security and maintenance
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