MC-30 MultiSense Camera

Solar-powered multi-megapixel camera system can be deployed in under 20 minutes

Sensara Mc 30 Transparent High 11568576

This solar-powered, 100% wireless, web-based, multi-megapixel camera system for construction and site security can be deployed in under 20 minutes. It comes with the MultiSense Cloud Service, which provides a turn-key pre-built end-to-end system for remote site monitoring.

  • Includes functions for time-lapse, on-demand images, alerting, data logging and surveillance
  • Supports WiFi or cellular connections
  • Integrated solar system and mounting brackets
  • MultiSense Cloud Service provides network connectivity (cellular or WiFi) and a hosted Web app that provides camera access from any PC, smartphone or tablet, via a web browser
  • Web app provides an intuitive, simple to use interface for viewing current and archived images, creating and viewing time-lapse movies, annotation, alert management, weather display, image comparison and camera configuration and control
  • Status of solar power and battery system graphically displayed and text and/or email alerts generated if they are out of normal range

Spec Sheet: Sensera MultiSense Camera MC-30 Series

Case Study: VERSA Real Estate Employs Sensera MC-30 Cameras on Projects

Time Lapse Videos

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