[VIDEO] Avoid Rework Cost with 4D Drone Visual Insight

New drone data-as-a-service provider Hangar penetrating ENR's Top 100 contractors by offering detailed drone data timelines for projects that reduce mistakes, claims and schedule fade

Hangar Technology says that over the last year, 15 of the ENR Top 100 Construction enterprises have used the vendor's JobSight service in their operations. Teh company's client roster claims major ENR players including Turner Construction, AECOM, Balfour Beatty, and more.

Hangar attributes growth in its construction consumer base to JobSight's ability to capture project and asset data consistently with precision -- at a meaningful volume, velocity, or veracity. As more data is captured, and as new insights are derived, the industry’s benefits are becoming easier to measure and quantify.

JobSight customers are seeing an ROI in key areas like safety, quality, productivity, bill verification, dispute avoidance, claims resolution, among others. By eliminating the traditional cost and complexity of building an internal drone imagery capture program, and all the logistical and technical challenges, users get the right insight faster and more reliably. JobSight enables industry-first visibility across the entire portfolio of project locations, providing access to the largest variety of precision-captured data types available in the industry today, and giving the entire organization -- onsite and offsite -- the ability to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

“Our steady growth in customers, projects per customer, and captures per site shows the expanding demand for a new type of 4D Data and awareness,” said Jeff DeCoux, CEO and Founder of Hangar. “The Construction industry realizes that many of the issues that have plagued the industry for decades result from a lack of real-time situational awareness. JobSight offers businesses of all sizes a simple, scalable, cost-effective way to deploy a new visual insight program that doesn’t actually require the adoption of new software, hardware or staff.”

Highlights of Hangar’s JobSight include: 

  • Request & Receive: No logistics of mission planning, certified operators, airspace approvals, data processing and analysis or storage. JobSight automated the end-to-end process down to request-and-receive simplicity.
  • Feature-Ready: JobSight includes the features you’ve come to expect, like snapshots and sharing, measurement tools, 3D models, software plug-ins and more.
  • Consistent Captures: Hangar's industry-leading autonomous flight software ensures flawless execution to provide repeatable complex missions and faster surveys, with less uncertainty.
  • Complete Portfolio Visibility: JobSight captures and stores an intuitive historical timeline of your project, from the first date of capture until project completion.
  • Largest Data Variety: View 360° panoramic photos, 2D maps, 3D point clouds, videos, thermographics, elevations and high-resolution image series of all your projects and assets.

Hangar's JobSite system creates new missions over construction sites and notifies outside network operators of the demand for drone flights. The vendors show up onsite, claim the mission and push "Go" on the automated flight plan. Hangar Missions are flown autonomously, no manual flying. The drone service simply drags their entire SD card into the Hangar upload portal. Data is automatically sent to the processing partner the Hangar customer has selected, and returned to the Hangar cloud.

Hangar claims to offer more data types, 360s, Image Series, 3D point clouds, Orthos, Elevations, and more. Hangar is integrated via APIs with processors like Maps Made Easy and Pix4D. Output is tiled to render quickly on mobile devices and desktops.

"We mostly capture weekly and all data is delivered into our own JobSight viewer," says  Richard Primeaux, head of product and strategy at Hangar. "We call it 4D Visual Insight due to the easy temporal navigation back through all the data. No dropbox folders; nothing like that."

Hangar Technology, one of the world's first robotics-as-a-system data-acquisition platform, exists to serve and nurture an ecosystem of mobile robotics software, hardware, services and data for large enterprises and infrastructure owners. Partners include hardware manufacturers of aerobotic drones, mobile robots, and sensor platforms; professional service providers including drones-as-a-service providers, robots-as-a-service providers, and data transformation innovators, computer vision, machine learning and analytics software firms. This Hangar powered ecosystem shares a strong belief and desire to bring 4D Visual Insight to provide improved efficiency, safety, innovation and digital transformation and empowerment to our collective customers and their industries.

More at http://www.hangar.com