[VIDEO] Trick 3D Uses AR, VR and 3D Animation to Promote, Sell or Rent Construction Equipment

In this video chat, learn how Trick 3D provides a high-tech platform for dealers and other construction equipment owners to promote, sell or rent equipment remotely via mobile devices, and could even provide hands-off training.

It started with applying high-end 3D effects from the movie industry to architecture. Now, Trick 3D – a visual innovation studio specializing in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D animation – has developed an innovative platform for equipment sales teams and construction equipment owners to promote, sell or rent products, and even provide a remote training alternative. In this video, Chad Eikhoff, founder, Elliott Rothman, head of technology, and Stacy Shade, head of studio relations and COO, share its unique features - including augmented reality capabilities - and discuss potential applications beyond the sales process.

The new AR sales tool and service was launched to support sales forces challenged with selling products without the benefit of face-to-face interaction. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has caused an unforeseen period of time during which the majority of the world’s working populations are working from home and travel is largely restricted.

Drawing upon the studio’s experience powering AR sales for Stanley Infrastructure and VR sales for Delta Air Lines, the studio is providing sales teams with the option to 3D model products and put them into the environments of their potential buyers through AR-enabled mobile devices.

“With both ARKit and ARCore available to the public, augmented reality is now enabled on millions of devices across the globe,” says Eikhoff. “Our goal here at Trick 3D has always been to use new technologies to solve tough problems – and right now, there is surely no shortage of tough problems to solve. That is why our team is rolling out our AR-powered remote sales offerings now, in an effort to provide solutions to sales forces that are facing difficult and highly-restrictive conditions, yet still need to share product offerings with potential buyers.”

Key benefits of Trick 3D’s remote sales offerings include:

  • The ability to see products in AR, allowing for determination of product size and scale;
  • Photo-realistic 3D models of a product, with animations to highlight functions and features;
  • All-in-one feature call-outs, product sheets and videos, all from one centralized remote selling application.

But as this video chat shows, there are applications for this offering that extend beyond the sales process.

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