Instant Crush

The Fast Trax crushing plant can drive off the trailer and start crushing.

Kolberg-Pioneer introduces its track-mounted crushing plant, the Fast Trax FT 4250 horizontal shaft impact crushing plant. Designed to simply drive off the transport trailer and start crushing, the unit will crush "on the go" allowing the finished product to be windrowed as the plant is fed material.

With an optional vibrating screen package, this unit provides the ultimate "all-in-one" processing plant able to produce up to three products simultaneously. The entire plant is powered with a 400-hp diesel with full hydraulic controls for the feeder, crusher, on-board conveyors, vibrating screen, optional cross belt magnet and tracks. For large stockpiling applications, the plant also features ample hydraulic power with quick couplers for off-plant stacking conveyors.

Titan Aluminum Asphalt Trailers

Titan Trailers introduces the first live-floor trailer specially engineered to handle hot asphalt. The new Titan asphalt trailer improves productivity by providing control over unloading speeds as the asphalt is walked off, avoiding hang-ups and sudden load shifts while eliminating the tipping hazards associated with elevated loads as well as with roadway obstacles including underpasses, bridges and power lines.

Salina Vortex Aggregate Diverter

The Salina Vortex Aggregate Diverter can handle abrasive materials, including gravel and sand, in gravity flow applications. Available in a complete size range from 6 through 24 inches, the diverter can be ordered with optional "dead pocket" inlet and "honeycombed" bucket deflector for more abrasive applications. Other options include abrasion-resistant polymer or "honeycombed" chute liners. Interior bucket seals increase material handling efficiency, promote smooth bucket actuation and minimize material migration to the off leg. A removable access panel allows inspection or maintenance of the diverter without removing it from service.

Glacier Computer Display

Glacier Computer introduces its 1350-nit sunlight-readable LCD enhancement, which makes Glacier's GX 1000 A computer easy to read in any environment. The GX 1000 A is a rugged PC-compatible industrial computer built for harsh environments. The GX 1000 A uses four specially developed backlight inverters providing 1350 nits of brightness. Traditional laptops, as an example, run at less than 300 nits and are impossible to read outside during the day. The GX 1000 A is an 800 MHz computer with display, touch screen, and multiple standard I/O ports. The unit is capable of running all Windows operating systems and works with numerous local and wide area wireless networks. GX units can be mounted on vehicles, carts and in fixed locations.

Endless Visions J 4 Paddle

The J 4 Paddle from Endless Visions is a wind-resistant, vented, full-face slow/stop paddle on a telescopic pole that extends to 10 feet. A heavy-duty sign cover is available, and you can choose between a fiberglass or PVC pole.

Kaeser M43 Compressor

Kaeser Compressors introduces the M43 Mobilair portable compressor. This 150-cfm unit features the Sigma Profile rotary screw airend and a heavy-duty Kubota diesel engine to provide more air with less fuel. The M43's galvanized steel canopy allows quick access to all components for easy servicing and also reduces noise levels. All units also feature a cold-start battery and an instrument and lighting package.

Dynpac CC422V HF Vision Series

Dynapac's CC422V HF Vision Series double self-propelled vibratory asphalt compactor features an efficient pressurized spray system and spring loaded scrapers. Unit is powered by a Cummins water-cooled diesel engine and offers an operating weight of 23,150 pounds. Other features include 66-inch-wide drums, vibration on both drums, vibration frequency up to 3,780 vpm, a 317-gallon water tank with water level gauge, variable forward and reverse speed control, shock-mounted operators platform and asphalt temperature meter.

Dressta TD-40C Tier II Crawler Dozer

The TD-40C Tier II features a 520-net-hp Cummins QSK-19C Tier II engine with full electronic control, dual overhead camshafts, a variable-output turbo system and oil change intervals of up to 500 hours. The multi-unit modular cooling system features a two-speed hydraulic fan. Ease of operation is facilitated by single left-hand joystick control of all machine motion functions. Steering includes two-speed geared steering, clutch/brake and pivot modes. The semi-U blade has a 24.3-cubic-yard capacity, while the full-U blade handles 29.8 cubic yards.

Flannegan Western Grader Attachment

The FW Grader Attachment will attach to the FW Orbiter or most skid steers with quick-tach mounting plates. Designed to allow fine precision and utility grading in asphalt, curb-and-gutter and concrete flatwork applications, unit features wheels with hydraulic tilt (leaning) and hydraulic steering to prevent being slid sideways when the moldboard is cutting at an angle. Eight-, 10- or 12-foot-long moldboards are heavy duty and reinforced with a replaceable cutting edge. The blade has movement up and down, angular adjustment (on the 1-inch machined plate), and side shift, all done hydraulically.

Multiquip GloBugs

Multiquip's two new GloBug light towers are lightweight and illuminate to distances in excess of 150 feet. The GloBugs are offered as a stand-alone unit or with a cart for an optional generator. The light towers have maximum mast heights of 13 and 16½ feet, respectively, and come standard with a water-resistant balloon. Optional drum and reflector balloon packages are also available. The balloons can be customized with colors and messages to suit individual user preference. A 1,000-watt metal halide lamp provides glare-free illumination. The standard GloBug, with optional generator, weighs 243 pounds. It features a quick-disconnect power cable, lifting hook for easy transportation and pneumatic tires. Safety features include a parking brake, safety winch and internal ballast. The stand-alone GloBug Solo weighs 139 pounds and is fitted with five counterweighted outriggers for stabilization. For increased illumination, its three-stage mast comes with a 30-inch extension pole. Both 9.5-amp light towers use 120-volt power and come standard with a protective canvas cover to protect the GloBug when it is not in use.

Asphalt Drum Friction Solution from Ace Group

The Ace Group distributes Kelsan's trunnion stiks made for either trunnion-driven or gear-and-chain-driven asphalt drums. Misaligned trunnions cause flaking and uneven wear. Traction stiks, used for trunnion driven systems, offer high positive friction that improves operating performance and reduces flaking by depositing a tough film between the tire and the trunnion, effectively separating them. Contaminants will not adhere to the film deposit. Unlike traditional oils and greases, trunnion stiks are totally dry solids and pose no threat to the environment and will enhance traction regardless of weather conditions. Gear-and-chain-driven systems use lubricant stiks providing maximum lubrication, which is necessary for these systems.

Salsco Mini-Track Paver

Designed for sidewalks, utility trenches, patching and more, Salsco's new Mini-Track paver can pave 3- to 6-feet wide. Unit's hydraulic tracks move in and out. Powered by a 10-hp Yanmar diesel engine, the Mini-Track paver features a paving speed of 50 fpm with a paving thickness of 1/4 to 5 inches. Other features include hydraulic cut-off plate, hydraulic dump box and 6-foot turning radius.

Hammerhead II

The 1,138-pound Hammerhead II from Hammerhead Products LLC provides 3,000 foot-pounds per blow. Designed to rubblize up to 3,000 square feet per hour, the Hammerhead can fracture material up to 12 inches thick. The 385-pound spring-loaded impact rod travels only 19 inches and fires every 1.5 seconds on low-flow or 50 beats per minute on high-flow machines. Unit works on carriers with auxiliary pressure from 1,700 to 3,500 psi.

Champion Motor Graders C60 B/C66B

The C60 B/C66B are available with a single-axle drive or true all-wheel-drive system that maintains equalized traction to the front wheels in turns and in all traction situations. Units offer infinitely variable ground speeds up to 20 mph and a 19-foot turning radius from center to outside front tire. Other features include a 10-foot hydraulic sliding moldboard, heavy-duty positive traction differential and two-speed rear axle gearbox with neutral position, and fully adjustable, low-effort, operator-friendly controls.

Case 721D XT Tool Carrier

Case Construction Equipment has added to its D Series wheel loader line, the 721D XT tool carrier, which features redesigned linkage, improved visibility, increased material retention and improved stability. The same redesigned enhancements will also apply to current-production Case 521D XT and 621D XT tool carrier wheel loaders. The 721D XT features a 3-cubic-yard capacity and is powered by a 170-net-hp engine.

Polaris Ranger Utility Vehicles

The Ranger two-wheel-drive, 4x4 and 6x6 utility vehicles now incorporate the Lock & Ride cargo system, which combines a multi-functional cargo box with a full range of Polaris accessories that lock in place in less than 10 seconds. The redesigned composite cargo box features 750-, 1,000- and 1,250-pound cargo capacities and payload capacities from 1,250 to 1,750 pounds. The 6x6 model also features 15 cubic feet of cargo volume, a 1,750-pound towing capacity and a top speed of 41 mph.

SMP High Performance Cold Mix

Cold weather won't stop Seneca Petroleum Company's SMP High Performance Cold Mix, which will remain workable for use in sub-freezing temperatures. For use with potholes 3 inches or less in depth, SMP requires a clean pad of hot mix asphalt or concrete. No primer coat is needed and SMP will perform well even in wet weather conditions. Hand tamper, wheel rolling with a vehicle, vibratory compactor, or roller are all acceptable compaction processes to use with SMP. Repairs are stable enough to open to traffic immediately. SMP can be overlaid with hot mix asphalt without pushing, rutting, or bleed-through.