Spotlight: Attachments October 2008

Attachments are helpful work site tools that allow you to stretch the capabilities of a host machine on the jobsite.

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Concrete Claw


  • Available in 24 in. working width
  • Excellent for removing concrete on sidewalks, driveways or any construction site
  • High strength cast replacement points
  • End plates and tooth shanks made with T1 steel
  • 1 in. by 8 in. wear resistant Pacal steel tapered cutting edge


FFC Attachments, Inc.

CP Breaker Line


The CP line of hydraulic breaker attachments features 12 models for carriers from 1.3 to 75 metric tons.

  • Includes three heavy-duty units from 4,850 to 9,259 lbs., four medium breakers from 1,213 to 3,527 lbs. and five light models from 209 to 827 lbs.
  • Enclosed box design and elastic damping elements isolate noise from the percussion mechanism and reduce harmful vibrations
  • Heavy and medium models come standard with the CP-Lube automatic lubrication system


Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.



The Curbcat concrete slipform curb and gutter attachment from Creative Equipment Design provides automatic control of grade and steering using sensors and stringline.

  • Hydraulic vibrators and cylinders powered by skid-steer hydraulic system
  • Quick, easy hookup and disconnect
  • Molds changeable in minutes
  • Easily transported via pickup or trailer


Creative Equipment Design

Drop Hammer


The 1, 950-lb. drop hammer attachment can be used with skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and all-wheel-steer loaders to break up concrete and asphalt slabs up to 18 in. deep.

  • 1,140-lb. weight is lifted by a chain and drive motor, then freefalls to break material
  • Operates at a rate of up to 20 bpm
  • Cushioned safety valve enables operator to stop hammer in mid-stroke and slowly lower it to a resting position
  • Attaches to carrier via the Bob-Tach mounting system


Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore

EDGE Concrete Slab Lifter Bucket


The EDGE concrete slab lifter bucket for skid steers is designed for removing concrete on sidewalks, driveways and any construction site. The slab lifter has three heavy-duty teeth with 1 1/2-in. shanks made of T-1 steel and replaceable points with rubberized flex pins.


CEAttachments Inc.



The Exca-Beak attachment is a grapple system for compact excavators and backhoe-loaders.

  • Allows the full operating range of your bucket
  • Available in all popular quick-tatch styles and can be supplied in pin-on configuration
  • Suitable for hardscaping, demolition, feeding chippers or tub grinders, concrete tear out, etc.


Daniel Mfg

Hammer Model 1350


This pneumatic-tired, mobile hydraulic hammer breaks, cuts and scores concrete, rock and asphalt into sizes suitable for excavation, recovery, or cracking and seating.

  • Operates on and off paved surfaces
  • Hydraulically controlled creeper gear provides working speeds up to 63 fpm
  • Adjustable impact up to 13,000 ft.-lbs.
  • 80-hp John Deere diesel engine
  • Synchromesh transmission allows for travel speeds up to 20 mph


Arrow-Master Inc.

Mini-Might Patrol


The Mini-Might Patrol will turn a skid steer into a full-blown grader.

  • Will attach and detach in less than five minutes following carrier modifications
  • No extra motors or pumps required
  • Operator sits outside of skid steer for greater visibility
  • Equipped with certified ROPS and safety shutdown system
  • Weighs roughly 4,000 lbs.
  • Standard 8-ft. moldboard with 10-ft. option
  • Laser and stringline system capable


Equipment Resources, Inc.

Side Grader

The Komatsu-approved Side Grader excavator attachment is designed to substantially reduce sidewalk prep costs, while increasing productivity through reduced concrete overruns and easy maneuverability around utilities. It utilizes Topcon technology to produce a finished grade within 3/16 in., enabling concrete forms to be set directly on. The depth of the grade is guided by wheels rolling along the top of the curb. A Sure Grip Controls multi-function joystick ensures ease of use. Since the attachment works from the road, it can be used even in wet weather. The unit averages up to 2,000 ft. per day, and can be folded up for easy transport from job to job.

Sidewalk Grading Systems, Inc.

Skid Steer Slab Crab


The Kenco Slab Crab for skid steers can be used to remove sidewalk, driveways and pavement. The Slab Crab will not damage the sub-base and can accommodate up to 8-in.-thick slabs. Custom bucket openings are available. The Slab Crab is also available for backhoes, minis and excavators.

The Slab Crab for skid steers can be used to remove sidewalk, driveways and pavement.

  • Teeth slide under the slab to securely lift it up and load it
  • Will not damage the sub-base
  • Accommodates up to to 8-in.-thick slabs
  • Custom bucket openings available
  • Models available for skid steers, backhoes, minis and excavators


Kenco Incorporated