The Brut Post Grabber Skid Steer Attachment

The Brut Post Grabber skid steer attachment can be used for setting posts and poles into footings

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The 300-lb. Brut Post Grabber skid-steer attachment is designed for use in post frame construction, setting utility poles, setting perma columns, fencing, etc.

  • Provides a safe, easy way to quickly and precisely set a post or pole into footings
  • Shortens post setting time and eliminates manual handling of heavy posts
  • Easily positions posts and poles even in sinking or soft soil
  • Attaches to most skid-steer brands that accept a universal quick-attach plate
  • Maximum opening of 14 in. and can lift anywhere from 100- to 700-lb. posts
  • Size of the skid steer will determine the stability for carrying larger posts

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