Mastodon Model M60-S and M60-C Forestry Mulcher Attachments

Models have a 60-in. cut width and are powered by a 160cc variable piston hydraulic motor controlled by E-TECH Smartdrive.

Mastodon M60 S
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New for 2021, Dougherty Forestry Mfg. has released a premium line of forestry mulchers, the Mastodon Forestry Mulchers. These have been developed to increase the performance of regular skid steers and track loaders closer to that of a dedicated mulching machine. Some never-before-seen features include computer-controlled (ECU) shifting, teeth with built in feed control, hour and temp monitoring, and in-field smartphone tuning with Bluetooth.

Unlike two speed mulchers that use a hydraulic pilot signal to determine when to shift or change displacement, the Mastodon Mulchers use an ECU to allow for infinite variable speeds. This allows instant and maximum power in all applications. The mulcher is also able to detect the flow and pressure output from the carrier and adjust for optimized performance. The Mastodon Mulcher has a built-in hour meter and the operator is able to connect the mulcher with a tech at the factory using a smartphone for updates or troubleshooting.

The Mastodon Cutting Tooth is also new, and has a feed control feature, a chip storage feature, and a carbide cutting feature that all get replaced, keeping the whole cutting system in the best possible condition for maximum efficiency. 

The Mastodon line comes in two cutting widths, 60 inches and 74 inches, and three modes: M60-F, the M60-S, and the M60-C.

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