Multi-DigNRip Bucket

Staggered ripper teeth deliver six times the breaking force of a standard excavator bucket; for excavators larger than 6,000 lb.

Leading Edge Multi Dignrip Buc 11283634
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The Multi-DigNRip bucket for high production rip and load applications where a wider rock bucket is required is a combination of the Multi-Ripper bucket and the DigNRip bucket.

  • SHARC (SHanks on an ARC) technology allowing bucket to function similarly to a trencher except using the hydraulic excavator rolling action to rip
  • Staggered ripper teeth for flat ripped trench sides with no depth limitations
  • Bucket can be made wider to increase production without increasing number of teeth on front leading edge
  • Back teeth arranged to cut deeper with increased radii
  • Delivers close to six times the force of a standard excavator bucket
  • Can be four times faster than using a hydraulic hammer
  • Esco teeth
  • Available for any excavator above 6,000 lbs.
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