Kinshofer WS-Series Drum Cutters

Cutters available in seven models for 2- to 60-ton excavators

Kinshofer Drum Cutter
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The WS Drum Cutter Series feature a unique pick angle and optimal chisel arrangement for high performance and minimal wear.

  • Available in seven models for 2- to 60-ton excavators
  • Low decibel output and minimal vibrations achieved through a high-torque hydraulic motor
  • Gear reduction optimizes torque and cutting force to provide greater cutting efficiency at a slower speed
  • Hydraulic motor adjustable to match the output of an excavator’s hydraulics
  • Available with a rock, profiling or demolition drum and standard, heavy-duty, wear-protected and wood chisel tips
  • Heavy-duty sealing system enables underwater operation as deep as 25 meters
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