Darda CC440, CC480 & CC580 Concrete Crushers

The three new crushers are equipped with a newly designed pressure booster, which allows them to operate independently of the carrier’s working pressure, resulting in increased speed and crushing forces

Darda C Cseries
Brk Black

Brokk offers three Darda concrete crusher attachments  the CC440, CC480 and CC580 for use on Brokk's Next Generation SmartPower series.

  • Newly designed pressure booster to operate independently of carrier's working pressure
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Large jaw openings
  • Crushing force from 44 to 54 tons
  • Handles concrete slabs of 17- to 22-in. thick
  • Cut through rebar up to 1.2 in. in diameter
  • Standard features include wear-resistant, replaceable steel alloy crusher tips and cutter blades
  • 360-degree rotation
  • When paired with a Brokk machine the crushers are controlled with a belt-mounted remote-control box

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