Brokk Offers Darda MC300 Multi Cutter Attachment for Steel Cutting

The MC300 Multi Cutter steel cutting tool was designed for mid-size Brokk machines.

Brokk Mc300 Multi Cutter

The MC300 Multi Cutter, manufactured by Brokk’s sister company Darda, offers the highest cutting force with low weight. It promotes safe and efficient cutting of steel material, utility lines and cables in a variety of industries, including demolition, soft gut/surgical demolition, remediation, construction and nuclear.

The MC300 can be used on Brokk 200 and 300 models. It is 50 in. (127 cm) long, 12 in. wide (30.5 cm) and 21 in. (53 cm) high. Weighing in at only 639 lbs. (290 kg), it still has a cutting force of 60 tons (590 kilonewtons). The MC300 also features a hydraulic 360-degree rotary drive for exact positioning and a 14-in.-wide (36 cm) jaw opening to handle a variety of metals. The design also allows operators to sharpen rather than replace jaws. 

Combining the MC300 Multi Cutter with a Brokk machine provides several benefits. Hard-to-reach areas become accessible thanks to the Brokk machine’s remote capabilities and arms that extend as far as 21 ft., 4 in. (6.5 m). Add the MC300’s cutting power, and contractors have an effective, solution for reaching and cutting supply lines, pipes, cables and steel beams that would otherwise be difficult to reach. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes labor costs. 

The MC300 enhances safety by eliminating the need for workers to climb scaffolds and ladders with handheld tools or to use torches for cutting steel. This reduces the risk for falls, fire hazards and exposure to harmful emissions. 

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