ALLU Demolition & Quarry Crushers

The new heavy duty range of Allu crushing attachments is purpose designed to meet the requirements of the demolition, recycling and quarrying industries.

Allu Serie M Peneiramento 41

The Allu crusher series will initially see three crusher models be introduced for excavators in the 10 to 33 ton range. All have purpose developed features that ease their use and optimize performance, while providing easy maintenance in the field.

  • Reversible crushing reduces the potential for jamming, blockages, or obstruction with rebar, while delivering greater levels of production and reducing the need for any manual involvement in the crushing process
  • Feed plate design built into the jaw ensures that the feeding function in a fully loaded chamber delivers high rates of production with minimal risk of bridging
  • Simple mechanical pin adjustment for output size regulation makes the entire crushing process easy and safe with quick adjustment for various output specifications
  • Crusher ‘opens like a clam' which allows for easy and quick replacement of wear parts is ensured through ease of access, saving time spent on maintenance, thereby minimizing risk to operators and maximizing productive crushing
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