Kinshofer X-Lock Couplers

Wedge-locking principal allows the coupler to connect to the attachment in two separate places for increased safety

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The X-LOCK Couplers allow the operator to exchange attachments safely from within the cab and feature a wedge-locking principal, which allows the coupler to connect to the attachment in two separate places. 

  • Safety Knuckle automatically engages onto the front pin and the self-adjusting wedge locks the second pin as soon as the lock switch is deactivated
  • Two-and-a-half-fold locking force with constant applied working pressure continuously readjusts the wedge, keeping both pins firmly against the quick hitch
  • Two pressure relief valves operate the wedge, which locks at 1,730 psi and unlocks at 3,455 psi
  • Rear lock safety device ensures wedge does not retract and disconnect the attachment if hydraulic failure occurs
  • Operator controls and monitors attachment exchange process in the cab through the X-LOCK Control Unit, which features a separate open and close button
  • Install simply and safely, with just one hydraulic circuit and two hydraulic hoses
  • All parts enclosed within the system to reduce damage
  • Made of high-alloy steel
  • Available in Hydraulic Pin-to-Pin, S-Style Nordic Style, and Tilt or Tilt Rotation and Mechanical Pin-to-Pin.models for excavators with 2,200- to 220,000-lb. operating weights
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