SideGrader Attachment

Sidetool Sidegrader3 10255050
Sidetoolinc 10835333

The 1,200-lb. SideGrader grades sidewalks and planter strips from the safety of the road surface with a grade accuracy within 1/4 in.

  • Placed below the swivel of an excavator to allow 360° visibility
  • Frees the bucket to simultaneously remove obstacles and manipulate material
  • Guide wheels run on top of the curb or road surface datum, allowing the operator to easily maintain the grade
  • Customized Ocala grading system includes a 5" x 7" cab display and allows for grading accuracy within 1/10th percent
  • Can be mounted on any 5-ton excavator

Video: SideTool Sidegrader Grading System


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