Caterpillar SMART Dozer Blade Attachment

Cat Dozer Blade Smart Attachment Bcp Wt 0120 009

The SMART Dozer Blade attachment features a curved moldboard to keep material rolling and a trapezoid design with angled end bits that allow flush-cutting against vertical surfaces when the blade is fully tilted.

  • Available for 279D3, 289D3, 299D3 and 299D3 XE series compact track loaders
  • Host machine recognizes the attachment and unlocks special display screens that allow the operator to select how the blade is controlled
  • Attachment-control mode changes the standard joystick functions and allows the left joystick to continue to control travel, while the right joystick now operates blade functions
  • “Lift” mode or a “tilt” mode change which cylinders (lift-arm or bucket) control major blade functions to adapt to either rough or fine grading
  • ASSIST feature coordinates machine and blade movement to attain flat surfaces, allowing operator to concentrate on achieving the desired grade
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