JRB Redesigned, Heavy-Duty Construction Utility Forks

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Paladin Attachments introduces the new, updated version of its 200-500 class JRB Construction Utility Forks. The updated models include a lowered top cross tube for increased visibility and a larger 3-in.-diameter tube for added strength.

  • The new design features an improved center of gravity for better load management
  • A single hanger is featured on the 60-in.-wide frame for increased visibility and reduced weight
  • Drop-forged tines provide increased sturdiness and reduce material movement while it is being transported over uneven terrain
  • Wheel loaders may be turned into versatile heavy-duty forklifts to safely transport large loads of construction-related materials
  • Compatible with JRB’s Quick Hitch Mount and other industry quick coupler systems
  • Pin-On Mounts are available if needed
  • Load capacities are rated beyond wheel loader lift capacities and are based on a 24-in. load center
  • The forks are available with manually adjustable tines or hydraulically actuated tines for side-to-side adjustments from the cab
  • Optional hydraulic side shift allows for precise material placement
  • Special order carriage widths and tine lengths are available upon request
  • JRB Construction Utility Forks are designed with carriage widths ranging from 60 in. to 106 in.
  • Tine lengths range from 48 in. to 96 in. and tines are available in sizes ranging from 2 in. by 4 in. to 4 in. by 8 in.
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