Montabert Hydraulic Breakers

Montabert creates medium,heavy, and XL heavy breakers with unique features.

M900 Preview
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The Compact, Medium, Heavy and XL Breaker ranges cover carriers from 0.7 to 40 tons.

  • Compact range includes nine models weighing from 132 to 1,100 lbs. for 0.7- to 12-ton machines and featuring high acceptable back pressure, a simple design with few parts and field replaceable bushing and soundproofing
  • Medium range for large backhoe-loaders and medium-sized excavators incorporates optimal power-to-weight ratios, an automatic lubrication system, swivels to improve hose lifespan and reduce breakage risk and soundproofing
  • Heavy range for excavators from 20 to 80 tons features variable energy technology to automatically adapt energy according to material hardness, automatic pressure regulators, a sealed diaphragm accumulator, automatic lubrication system and standard breaker- or excavator-mounted grease station
  • XL Breaker range for excavators from 10 to 40 tons offers a simple design with few moving parts, optimal power-to-weight output ratios, high tolerance of back pressure, Energy Recovery System and optional breaker- or excavator-mounted grease station
  • All models include blank firing protection
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