Road Widener Shouldering and Side Paver Attachment

Disperses 20-ton truckload of gravel at 4- to 6-ft.widths in minutes

Road Widener Fh
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The Road Widener Shouldering and Side Paver Attachment is available in two models (FH and FH-R) and is applicable for skids steers as well as loaders, compact track loaders and road graders.

  • Suitable for use on road shoulder repairs, remediation, road widening, trench backfilling and even asphalt and aggregates placement
  • Capable of laying down any material including hot mix
  • Dispense 20 tons in under 10 minutes
  • Available in single or dual discharge configuration and in 1- to 6-ft. laydown widths
  • Single discharge attachments available in either left or right discharge
  • Heat-treated belt
  • 360° swivel caster to maneuver around posts and guard rails
  • Connect via quick-connect couple; adapter allows it to be added to any machine
  • Remote control operation for maximum safety (manual control optional)
  • Adjustable rollers to accommodate various truck axles
  • Work with standard or high-flow hydraulics
  • Intuitive controls for simple operation
  • Optional shoe extension kit to extend shoe 1 ft.
  • Optional curb backfilling attachment

Road Widener Fh R 1 Scaled

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