Ignite Attachments Releases Mini Excavator Auger Attachment

Ignite Attachments added a mini excavator (MEX) auger attachment.

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Ignite Attachments
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Ignite Attachments

Ignite Attachments added a mini excavator (MEX) auger attachment, expanding the company's lineup of augers for compact equipment. 

“Agility is one of the primary drivers for Ignite Attachments,” said Matthew Foley, lead engineer, Ignite Attachments. “Whether that’s direct-to-you shipping, transparent pricing or expanding our product line to fill a gap in the market. Our design team brought the award-winning features of our auger lineup to mini excavator operators looking to maximize their fleet versatility.”

Details of the product include: 

  • Like other models in the lineup, the MEX auger offers self-aligning vertical accuracy for precise, accurate vertical holes in any situation and planetary drive system for ample torque for even the toughest drilling conditions.
  • Compatible with Kubota KX057-5 models, the new auger features a high-quality hydraulic motor and 2-inch HEX shaft for powerful drilling capabilities in landscaping, construction, road, municipality or agricultural applications.
  • The new auger has a drilling depth of 50 inches with a standard bit, or up to 86 inches with optional extension.

    Like other auger offerings, the MEX auger attachment features a unique joint between the mounting frame and drive unit to ensure straight, vertical holes, even while working on contoured, sloped or uneven ground.

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