Compaction Products February 2008

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Dynapac Tandem Asphalt Rollers

The CC424HF, CC524HF and CC624HF articulated tandem rollers feature a double pump vibration system that eliminates the need for a vibration valve.

  • Cummins QSB 4.5 turbo diesel engines ranging from 110 (82 kW) to 125 bhp (93 kW) at 2,200 rpm
  • Operating mass ranging from 10.5 to 12.6t with the weight split evenly between the front and rear drum modules
  • “Soft” starting and stopping
  • Suitable for use on both thin and thick asphalt layers

Multiquip AR Series Rollers

The AR Series tandem and combination vibratory rollers are available in the 1.5- to 4-ton weight class.

  • 10 diesel-powered models with drum widths from 31 to 51 in.
  • Centrifugal forces from 2,925 to 8,093 lbs.
  • Dual frequency and amplitude
  • Standard folding ROPS, backup alarms, pressurized water systems, noise attenuation, sliding seats, 100% side clearance through full flush drums, drum offset and lockable instrument panels

Hypac C766D

The Hypac C766D tandem drum roller has been redesigned to offer improved operator comfort, enhanced performance and greater economy.

  • Innovative sliding/swivel seat lets operator easily adjust positions for visibility and comfort
  • 4,000-vpm maximum frequency and infinitely variable frequency provide greater compaction speed and efficiency
  • ECO-Mode automatically saves fuel and reduces noise

Hamm Compact Asphalt Rollers

The HD 8 VV, HD 10 VV, HD 10 C VV, HD 12 VV, HD 13 VV and HD 14 VV articulated tandem rollers offer high compactive effort in a small package suitable for either commercial or roadbuilding applications.

  • Drum widths from 30 to 54 in.
  • Wider compaction widths when operated in offset mode
  • “Vibration front, Vibration rear” (VV) enables vibration in the front or rear drum only, in both drums or no vibration

Case DV Series Vibratory Rollers

The 27-hp, tandem-drum DV201 and DV202 are under 50-in. models offering operating weights from 5,510 to 5,950 lbs. and drum widths from 39.4 to 47.2 in.

  • Drum frequencies from 3,180 to 3,720 vpm with centrifugal forces from 4,580 to 7,159 lbs.
  • Simultaneous dual drum vibration or front drum vibration only
  • Manual or automatic vibration shutoff in neutral travel position
  • Hydrostatic drive to both drums with infinitely variable speed up to 8.5 mph and a maximum working speed of 4.7 mph
  • 27-hp Deutz two-cylinder engines

Caterpillar CB-434D Compactor

The CB-434D double-drum vibratory asphalt compactor fits in the 5- to 8-metric-ton class and features 59-in.-wide drums.

  • Automatic speed control with impact spacing indicator
  • New operator’s station with electronic/ergonomic propel lever
  • 50/50 articulation
  • Five amplitude settings with optional dual amplitude vibratory system with 4,200 or 3,200 vpm
  • 83-hp Caterpillar 3054C Tier II diesel engine

Beuthling Asphalt Compactors

Beuthling asphalt compactors range from 1 to 5 tons.

  • Gas or diesel engines ranging from 12 to 25 hp on static models and 18 to 51 hp on vibratory models
  • Options include vandal protection, work lights and rollover protection
  • Towable, 20-hp models available

LeeBoy 420 Roller

The 420 nine-wheel rubber-tire pneumatic roller features a 2.5-ton static weight.

  • 63-in. compaction width
  • 40-hp Kubota diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 88-gal. stainless water tank with spray system

Terex TV1300/TV1400 Rollers

The TV1300 and TV1400 tandem asphalt rollers include an electrical diagnostics system that provides early warning if problems occur.

  • Operating weights of 7,859 and 9,953 lbs.
  • Centrifugal forces of 7,175 (TV1300) and 8,090/11,685 lbs. (TV1400)
  • Static linear loads of 76.6 and 90 lbs./in.
  • 6-in-1 joystick
  • Removable plastic fuel, water and hydraulic tanks encased in steel
  • Fully tilting hood design

Sakai SW300 Series Rollers

The SW300, SW320 and SW330 high-frequency rollers offer 4,000-vpm vibration speed.

  • Counter-rotational eccentric system promotes a smooth surface finish
  • Dual drum drive for added traction and elimination of bow wave buildup in front of drums
  • Patented isolator system at each drum and the operator’s platform

Shannon Chastain BASIC Model 700

The 1 1/2- to 3-ton BASIC Model 700 pneumatic roller features a seven-wheel design that is said to create greater compaction than nine-wheel machines in its class.

  • Hydrostatic drive and power steering
  • 28-hp Kubota water-cooled diesel engine
  • Wheels oscillate independently

Stone Rollers with Snap-Tek

Stone’s Snap-Tek technology is now in use on select models in the WolfPac asphalt roller line.

  • Included on models WP3100, WP4100 and WP6100
  • Provides quick change-out of components for fast, easy servicing
  • Encapsulated electronic control box can be easily unplugged, switched out and leads re-plugged within minutes

Volvo High-frequency Compactors

The DD-118HF and DD-138HF offer eight amplitude settings that enable you to achieve the required density without fracturing aggregate particles in the mix.

  • Vibration frequencies of 3,400 and 3,200 vpm with centrifugal force of 42,680 and 42,260 lbs.
  • SMART start system
  • Impact meter allows precise control of optimal rolling speed for the desired drum impact spacing
  • Dual water spray drum wetting system
  • Four- and six-cylinder Cummins engines
  • Hydrostatic direct drum drive

JCB Vibromax Tandem Rollers

The Vibromax 390 and 400 model tandem rollers are well suited for medium-sized paving jobs.

  • Drum widths of 51.2 and 55.1 in.
  • Ultra-quiet, 46.6-hp four-cylinder Kubota diesel engines
  • Sealed articulation joints
  • Splash-lubricated bearings eliminate the need for greasing
  • Single control lever allows fingertip operation of forward/reverse and vibration on/off

Wacker RD 27 Series Ride-on Rollers

This 2.5-ton class ride-on roller series includes two models featuring 39.4- (RD 27-100) and 47.2-in. (RD 27-120) drums.

  • Dual vibration frequencies
  • Throttle lever controls exciter frequency in each drum, adjusting centrifugal force to the high or low position
  • Ergonomic design with improved visibility and vibration-isolated operator’s station
  • Single, hydraulic control lever with built-in vibration control switch