BOMAG’s BOMAP Connect Offers Next Step in Intelligent Compaction's Evolution

BOMAP Connect builds on the benefits of the BOMAP app by collecting compaction progress results from all rollers and compiling them into a real-time pass map for the entire site.

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In early 2019, BOMAG advanced the compaction industry with the introduction of its BOMAP app, a free digital solution designed to deliver an easily accessible intelligent compaction solution for both soil and asphalt projects. Now, the company has taken compaction even further down the digital road with the launch of BOMAG Connect, a substantial enhancement that enables networked control and documentation of all compaction equipment involved in the compaction process.

With the help of planning data and up-to-date information from online map services, this subscription-based cloud solution makes it possible to specify all relevant core parameters for the site and plan the compaction process in detail. Respective job areas can be defined and compaction specs set according to task (number of passes or soil compaction value or material stiffness). Machines can be assigned to projects and tasks for optimal results. Roller operators, project supervisor and site managers can monitor and track all compaction values in real time.

How it Connects Machines and Personnel

Telematic Bw 174 Ap 066After activating an Android tablet or smartphone in a BOMAG roller, the installed free BOMAP app connects to the machine interface and registers the machine parameters. All data relevant to compaction (e.g., material stiffness or temperature) is automatically recorded and transmitted through the cloud to BOMAP Connect. Third-party machines also interconnect and can transmit their passes, helping to generate a pass map for the entire site.

Within seconds, this data is combined in real time and displayed as a color-coded map. Colored areas indicate the compaction results achieved by the entire roller fleet. Operators can readily see areas that have already achieved target material densities, the current degree of compaction in a specific area and their position on the asphalt mat or soil section.

When used with the optional BOMAG JOBLINK, BOMAP Connect enables users to access even more process-related data from the company’s rollers, such as EVIB or ECONOMIZER value, frequency, amplitude, temperature, speed and direction.

Telematic Bw 174 Ap 083BOMAP Connect enables information on compaction progress and any plan changes to be transmitted in real time, keeping assigned users up to date on project status. Online access to construction projects enables users to monitor the process and track situations as they occur – at any time and from any location – and react to them immediately if needed.

Once a project has been completed and evaluated, it can be archived to save storage space and increase transparency. Documentation can be stored as a PDF file or exported in various formats for detailed analysis and/or future reference.

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