Sakai World of Asphalt Preview 2024

World of Asphalt 2024 show attendees will be able to see the latest prototype in the SAKAI America booth #1301.

Electric Walk Behind Prototype 1

SAKAI America specializes in asphalt rollers, soil compactors, and light compaction equipment for the road paving and construction site work markets. World of Asphalt 2024 show attendees will be able to see the latest prototype in the SAKAI America booth #1301. 

(New) HV620E Prototype Electric Walk-Behind Roller powered by Honda’s Removable Battery System

Electric Walk Behind Prototype 1

SAKAI partnered with Honda in Japan to implement their new Mobile Power Pack removable lithium-ion battery system in a familiar double drum walk-behind roller format. This resulting electric roller will render charge anxiety a moot point by allowing battery swaps on the job site and the ability to easily charge in off hours without transporting the whole machine. 

SW884G - Asphalt Roller with Guardman Automatic Emergency Braking

Sw884 994 Guardman 231016 High Dpi Dual Cones Final

SAKAI’s latest Guardman-equipped asphalt roller is the 79-in. SW884G. Like our other Guardman-equipped machines, this roller detects personnel, objects, and other equipment in the path of the roller and automatically stops if a collision is imminent. The SW884G features both rear AND front detection/braking with a total of four sensors. This safety technology has the potential to reduce injuries, prevent deaths, and minimize equipment damage on paving job sites. Guardman is factory-installed as a distinct model variant due to many critical components that are changed over a standard roller.

SW354 3-ton 47-in. Double Drum Asphalt Roller with No Aftertreatment Required


The SW354 features 47-in. double drums and makes for quick but accurate work with 10 impacts-per-foot at 4,000 VPM. The Kubota diesel engine is completely mechanical: NO DPF and NO DEF, saving maintenance cost and time. Operators prefer the combination of super quiet operation, rubber isolated deck & drum vibration, easy visibility to drum edges, and a comfortable waterproof wide bench seat.