Dynapac Seismic Compaction Tech Adjusts Frequency to Soil Condition

Rollers with Seismic Compaction Technology monitor variations in soil condition and automatically adjust to maintain optimum vibratory frequency

Ca6000 D Side01 Seismic

Dynapac says all drum and soil combinations have their own unique natural frequencies. Dynapac Seismic automatically detects the frequency of the soil characteristics, works together with it, and applies the correct amount of energy exactly when required. With the frequency automatically optimized at all times, Dynapac Seismic will reduce fuel consumption, save wear on the roller and can reduce the number of passes required to reach optimum compaction. 

  • Static linear load and amplitude connected to frequency and rolling speed are the most vital compaction parameters for soil compaction
  • Seismic Active Bouncing Control actively shuts the vibration off if the compaction energy goes back to the machine which could cause damage. Avoiding bouncing is important to save the machine from downtime and to secure a high second hand value.
  • Delivered as a standard feature for CA1500-6500 rollers together with the Dynapac Compaction Meter
  • Seismic Compaction Technology will be unveiled to the North American Market at ConExpo 2020