Hamm GRW 280i Pneumatic Roller

Channels in the frame allow operators to see all four edge wheels on Hamm's GRW 280 rubber-tired roller

Hamm Series Grw 280 Grw 180 01 961x0
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The GRW 280 pneumatic roller is designed to improve the operators' view to the work with channels in the frame structure that reveal the outer wheels.

  • Front hydraulic-cylinder suspension replaced by a pair of swing arms between the front pairs of wheels for an uninterrupted view to the front
  • Hydrostatic rear-axle drive
  • Can be ballasted for operating weights from 10 and 30 short tons
  • Intelligent ballasting system maintains weight distribution to front and rear axles
  • Single driver’s seat and console can be moved and pivoted toward the outer edge
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