BW161ADO-4 Tandem Roller

Tangential Oscillation (TanGO) energy is directed horizontally, maintaining continuous ground contact and said to deliver efficient compaction results

Bomag Tango 11249577

BOMAG presents Tangential Oscillation (TanGO) on its new BW161ADO-4 tandem roller model. BOMAG oscillation makes use of the physical laws of vibration generation to its best effect.

  • Careful coordination of exciter system to drum weight ratios is the basis for BOMAG’s tangential oscillation
  • Target applications for this compaction technology are on bridge structures and for working in close proximity to buildings
  • Usage for intermediate and finish rolling are additional proven applications
  • With TanGO always directed horizontally, it maintains continuous ground contact and efficient compaction results are often able to be seen immediately after a few roller passes
  • The interaction of TanGO oscillation from the rear drum and traditional vibration power from the front drum provides practical advantages on difficult-to-compact asphalt mixes
  • This leads to achieving desirable smoothness and density results?
  • BOMAG is planning further TanGO introductions into other roller weight classes going forward
  • CONEXPO-CON/AGG Booth #50675
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