Wacker Neuson RTX SC3 Trench Roller with Compatec

Wacker Neuson's RTx trench roller offers line-of-sight infrared remote control (SC3) that offers a safer remote controlled trench roller compared to radio frequency controlled units.

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The RTxSC3 series of trench roller is available with the Compatec monitoring system, which uses a sensor located near the drums to measure the vibration level and determine how much the soil has been compacted. 

  • Compatec system also warns when the machine is measuring an overload or over-compaction condition
  • SC3 (Smart Control 3) line-of-sight infrared remote control keeps the operator out of the trench but must keep a line-of-sight from the controller to the receiving eye at all times
  • Third receiving eye on the top of unit ensures continued smooth operation along the trench without interruption as it travels under shoring cross bars
  • Machine will stop moving and vibrating if the operator comes within 3 ft. of the sensing eyes or releases the controller’s joysticks
  • 20.7-hp Kubota or 19.8-hp Kohler diesel engine
  • Compact design with low center of gravity, high and low compaction force plus the ability to change the drums from 32 to 22 in. 
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