Bay Ltd. Adds 15 All-Terrain Liebherr Cranes to Fleet

Bay Ltd. increased its crane fleet with 15 all-terrain Liebherr cranes, ranging from a 60- to 600-ton capacity, based on the reliability and life span of Liebherr's equipment and their quality customer service.

A snapshot of Liebherr All-terrain cranes in Bay LTD’s fleet.
A snapshot of Liebherr All-terrain cranes in Bay LTD’s fleet.
Liebherr USA, Co.
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Bay Ltd., one of the largest privately owned crane companies in the U.S., took delivery of 15 new Liebherr cranes in 2020 adding to the 45 Liebherr cranes already in its fleet.

The large order for Bay Ltd. consisted of 15 all-terrain cranes, ranging from a 60- to 600-ton capacity. Bay Ltd. is familiar with the high performance and reliability that comes with owning Liebherr cranes, as they own 45 Liebherr cranes ranging from an LTM 1050-3.1 to an LTM 11200-9.1, an LR 1600-2 lattice boom crawler crane, and two Liebherr Telescopic (LTR) crawler cranes. The decision to purchase its latest order of cranes was based on Liebherr’s reputation in the industry.

“We chose Liebherr due to the reliability of their equipment, life span of the equipment, and quality customer service,” said Berry Peterson, vice president of equipment service for Bay Ltd. “The crane techs at Bay rely heavily on the detailed training Liebherr is able to provide. That,  combined with the service department and parts availability, gives them a heads up when Bay is looking to source additional cranes for the fleet.

“No other crane manufacturer has provided Bay Ltd. with the quality we get from the Liebherr product. It is because of the support and response Bay receives from Liebherr that we ordered an additional 15 all-terrain units. We are proud to say that we will have 60 Liebherr cranes in our fleet.”

Ten years ago, Bay Ltd. became more familiar with hydraulic mobile cranes built in Europe. The company recognized a need for a more mobile type of hydraulic crane to provide customers a better option when making lifts on their jobsite. This led to the company’s initial purchase of 15 Press Information Liebherr Cranes including a LTM 1400-7.1 in 2012. The LTM 1400-7.1 became the catalyst that led Bay Ltd. to become the heavy lifting and hauling company that it is today. “It was by far the largest hydraulic crane in our fleet and helped pave the way to many more large AT cranes,” said Peterson.