Liebherr L1-24 Ensures Safety on Mainau Island

A Liebherr L1-24 fast-erecting crane ensures fast rebuild of a collapsed heritage wall, while establishing a solid plan to avoid tourism trade disruption on the island of Mainau.

Unusual assembly: The L1-24 is erected on the backfill of a historic rampart wall on the island of Mainau.
Unusual assembly: The L1-24 is erected on the backfill of a historic rampart wall on the island of Mainau.
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Construction jobsites come with a multitude of factors — the project, equipment, environment and more. However, things can get considerably more complicated with an addition of unauthorized personnel — civilians in the area.

Today, it is common to find construction within a busy city or in this case, an island filled with tourists. The island of Mainau, located as part of Southern Germany, reopened to the public during the rebuild of a heritage wall, which suffered damage through ill-fated building work.

To ensure the safety of the island’s visitors, additional safety measures were put in place. Eduard Schnell, a stone masonry and sculpture company, decided that the best course of action was to deploy the Liebherr L1-24 fast-erecting crane.

“It was important to us that everything related to this project runs smoothly,” Markus Zeiler, Head of Gardens at Mainau GmbH, said. “We ensure that everything we do here on Mainau is absolutely environmentally responsible and doesn’t interfere with the visitor experience.”

The crane, provided by the Liebherr rental fleet in Upper Swabia, showcases innovative technical specifications and reliability, and a multi-award-winning design to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

In addition, the Liebherr’s sales and rental partner had an ABB operating range limiting system installed into the crane for safety purposes. The system prevents the crane from overshooting defined areas with its load. This ensures that the island’s visitors are always safe.

In order for the restorations to begin, all damaged pieces of the wall have to be lifted separately and removed. This process is scheduled to take several months. Until then, the island has an extra attraction — a L1-24 fast-erecting crane.

Information provided by Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH and edited by Chantal Zimmermann. 

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