Crane Industry Services Highlights Technology in Workforce Development During Construction Trade Show

CM Labs Simulations will host a virtual event on April 20 and 21, featuring demonstrations, sessions, and networking, including a discussion with panelists from CIS and NCCER on “Using Innovative Technology for Workforce Development.”

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The Virtual Construction Tradeshow, hosted by CM Labs Simulations, aims to provide helpful demonstrations, sessions, networking and discussion panels for the construction industry. The virtual free event will occur on April 20 and 21, and will focus on new and emerging training technology.

On the first day of the event, April 20, Debbie Dickinson, CEO of Crane Industry Services, and Dan Belcher, Director of Strategic Partnerships for NCCER, will conduct a panel discussion on “Using Innovative Technology for Workforce Development.”

During the panel discussion, Dickinson will conduct an overview of a case study that will highlight how CIS worked with a client to reskill and upskill workers — providing more qualified crane operators to the field.

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Unlike other programs, the company did not recruit outside crane operators for its needs. Instead they identified current employers with an aptitude for crane operations.

“The organization proactively identified forklift or earthmoving equipment operators with an aptitude and interest in becoming crane operators, but needed assistance in executing an efficient way to train these people,” said Dickinson.

This plan of attack helped establish a long-term plan for success, beginning with an intensive online training.

CIS Training Areas:

  • Safe Crane Setup
  • Crane functions
  • Crane Site Safety
  • Introduction to Load Charts

This training period was followed by a hands-on session to provide practical instruction on crane safety and operation.

The second phase introduced Vortex simulators for crane operation training. In addition, trainees were paired with an experienced and certified crane operator, who helped them through on-the-job training before the required testing and certification.

To learn more about the Virtual Construction Tradeshow, click here.

Information provided by Crane Industry Services and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.