E26 Minimal Tail Swing Excavator

5,700-lb excavator just 59 in. wide generates 5,000 ft-lbs of bucket breakout force

Bobcate26 Trenching 10627555

The 5,690-lb. E26 has an overall width of just 59 in., yet generates 4,991-ft.-lb. of bucket breakout force.

  • 27-hp Tier-4-Interim-compliant diesel engine with Auto-Idle feature
  • 8-ft. 6-in. standard dig depth or 9 ft. 6 in.  with long-arm option
  • Variable-displacement piston pump and proportional control valve system
  • Features include an Auto-Shift drive system, X-frame undercarriage, in-track swing frame and joystick-mounted, fingertip control for boom swing and auxiliary hydraulic functions
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