B Series Compact Wheel Loaders

New new compact-loader boom design simplifies with single lift cylinder and single bucket cylinder

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New Holland's W50 B TC and W80B TC (high speed) compact wheel loaders come standard with a universal, hydraulic quick coupler that allows them to handle skid-steer attachments. A new boom design uses a single lift cylinder and single bucket cylinder. Two separate pumps -- one for implement and steering and one for braking and hydraulic fan -- aim to deliver fast cycle times and more output for hydraulic attachments.

  • Less than two degrees horizontal lift deviation
  • Large 3.1-liter engine with 2,300–rpm rated speed expected to extend life
  • Direct-injection diesel reduces fuel consumption, emissions and noise
  • Two travel ranges: Heavy-Duty 0 to 3.7 mph; Fast 0 to 12.4 mph
  • Easy-to-use, integrated FNR (forward/neutral/reverse) lever and shift selector
  • Standard third hydraulic function delivers full flow and pressure when needed
  • Adjustable seat, steering column and armrest
  • Main functions all controlled from one joystick
  • Door and right side window fold back 180 degrees for ventilation
  • Access all service points from one side

Brochure: New Holland W50B TC & W80B TC Compact Wheel Loaders


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