Brokk 500 Demolition Robot

Brokk 500 features 40% more demolition power than the Brokk 400 as well as the SmartPower electrical system

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The 11,464-lb. Brokk 500 features 40% more demolition power than the Brokk 400 as well as the SmartPower electrical system, a more powerful breaker, extended reach and industry-leading serviceability. 

  • Delivers 1,086 ft.-lbs. with each blow of the 1,510-lb. Atlas Copco SB 702 hydraulic breaker
  • Three-part arm system now reaches 24.3-ft. vertically and 23-ft. horizontally
  • All the tools and attachments used for the Brokk 400 can be used on the 500
  • Comes with Brokk SmartPower, which maximizes the power output of the machine based on environmental and operating factors
  • SmartPower system helps start the machine on a poor power supply while it protects the machine from any harmful faulty power
  • Operators can complete all daily and weekly maintenance without lifting the covers of the machine
  • Other features include strengthened new machine design, reinforced casted details and new headlight protections
  • Available beginning May 2017






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