Rouse: Used Rental Skid Steers Getting 6% Better Prices at Resale

Average resale values for used rental equipment in 14 categories rose 1.6% in the first half of 2013, with scissor lifts selling 9.5% higher and forklifts 5.8% higher

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Orderly liquidated values for used skid steers from rental fleets have climbed 6.1 percent since the first of the year. In the first half of 2013, the average of orderly-liquidated-value indices for used rental equipment in fourteen categories rose 1.6 percent, according to Rouse Asset Services.

Resale indices for scissor lifts have grown 9.5 percent higher and forklifts 5.8 in the first half.

Rouse's value indices for backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, industrial forklifts and compressors are all down about 2 percent over six months.

Rouse Rental Report - July 2013

Rouse reports that resale-value indices were essentially flat (-0.1 percent) from May to June. The slight drift was the first time resale values slipped in four months.

Six out of fourteen category indices recorded June value increases ranging from 0.1 percent for excavators to 2.4 percent for scissor lifts.

The Rouse Value Index tracks used equipment values for the top 14 equipment categories of major rental companies. The index measures average orderly-liquidation values (OLV) for benchmark models within each category on a monthly basis. OLV is expressed as a percentage of replacement cost (average cost paid for a new equipment unit by large rental companies and dealers) for the average age of equipment sold within that category.