Cat Extends D Series Compact Track Loaders

New cab and lift-arm design, and increased engine performance boost 257D, 259D, 277D, 279D, 287D and 289D compact-track loaders and multi-terrain loaders to D Series

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Caterpillar updates six compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders to the D Series with a new cab and lift-arm design, and increased engine performance. The 257D, 259D, 277D, 279D, 287D and 289D loaders are powered by an electronically controlled 3.3-liter diesel that generates 74 hp with 8 percent more torque and 6 percent better fuel economy than their predecessor models.

  • One-piece Cab One seals tightly, which allows doubling cab pressurization for a cleaner working environment
  • New HVAC delivers 20 percent more airflow and a 50 percent increase in heating and cooling rates
  • High-back, heated, air-suspension seat option with recline and lumbar adjustments incorporates industry-exclusive integral seat-mounted joystick controls
  • Advanced Display monitor allows 50 security codes that can store and recall operating preferences for each of 50 operators
  • The Advanced Display supports the first integrated rear-view camera offered on compact track loaders
  • New throttle-smoothing feature monitors accelerator-pedal movement under the operator’s foot and clips the extremes of pedal travel to yield steady, smooth travel speeds
  • Dual self-leveling automatically levels the loader attachment when raising and lowering the lift arms
  • Work tool positioning allows the operator to set the angle and depth of the attachment and then to automatically return the attachment to that angle by depressing a joystick trigger
  • Electronic snubbing automatically cushions the descent of the lift arms, slowing downward motion just before the arms reach their stops
  • New tubular lift arms present a narrower profile for improved sight lines to the sides of the machine
  • An electrically actuated work-tool coupler replaces the hydraulically actuated coupler

Video: New Cat D Series Skid Steer Auto-Loader Functions

Video: Cat Monitor Functions Customize D-Series Skid Steer Operation

Video: New Cab Features in Cat D Series Skid Steers


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