How to Check Track Tension on a Compact Track Loader

In this episode of The Track with Dennis Howard, RDO Equipment, watch and learn what you need to know to check and adjust track tension on a compact track loader.

Need to know how to check track tension on a compact track loader? Watch to learn how to do just that, as well as how to adjust track tension. This type of service for equipment will help prolong the life of the tracks and avoid mishaps while operating a compact track loader.

Watch as Dennis Howard talks with compact construction equipment expert, Reily Junkermeier about this important piece of equipment service and support. The two cover how often to check track tension, how to adjust the tension, and avoiding a common and big mistake when adjusting track tension.

Hosted by RDO Equipment Co. equipment expert and regular contributor Dennis Howard, The Track is a bi-weekly video series from RDO Equipment Co. In each new episode, Dennis welcomes guests and discusses the latest on the equipment industry and what to know about used equipment.

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Shared with permission of RDO Equipment.