Komatsu D39PXi-24 Crawler Dozer

Integrated machine control system provides first-to-last pass, rough-to-finish automatic dozing

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The D39PXi-24 crawler dozer with integrated machine control system provides first-to-last pass, rough-to-finish automatic dozing. Once engaged, the system automatically starts the cut and lowers the blade to grade in a typical dozing pass. If the load increases to a maximum, the blade automatically raises to minimize track slip to keep dozing productively. This intelligence achieves up to 8% greater efficiency in moving material, based on start-to-finish grade testing against typical aftermarket machine control systems.

  • Eliminates the need to install and remove blade-mounted sensors each day
  • Standard, operator-selectable, automatic reverse grading mode enables automatic blade control while reversing to grade target surface
  • Triple Labyrinth final drive housing design provides additional protection for the final drive floating seals
  • 105-hp SAA4D95E-7 3.26L diesel engine uses selective catalytic reduction system and diesel exhaust fluid to achieve Tier 4 Final
  • Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst provides 100% passive regeneration and does not interfere with machine operation
  • Water-cooled, variable flow turbocharger
  • Auto-idle shutdown helps reduce idle time and saves fuel
  • Covered by the Komatsu CARE program for the first three years or 2,000 hours
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