Caterpillar D5 Dozer

Replacing the D6N, the Cat D5 dozer offers a choice of technology features to improve productivity for both dozing and fine grading

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Caterpillar's D5 dozer, which replaces the D6N, features a fully automatic transmission for seamless acceleration and a 170-hp engine for the power and responsiveness to complete dozing and fine grading.

  • Fully automatic 3-speed transmission with lock-up clutch
  • Weight range: 37,875 to 42,263 lb.
  • Redesigned cab with multiple seat and control adjustments
  • 10-in. touchscreen operator interface
  • Standard High Definition rearview camera
  • 15% more cab glass area
  • Hood angle provides 30% better forward visibility to blade and worksite (compared to D6N)
  • Factory integrated Cat GRADE with 3D
  • Advanced Inertial Measuring Units (IMU) provide greater speed and accuracy without position sensing cylinders
  • Smaller antennas integrated into the cab roof
  • GPS receivers mounted inside
  • GRADE operator interface works like a smart phone
  • AutoCarry automates blade lift to maintain desired blade load, improve load consistency and reduce track slip
  • Cat GRADE with Slope Assist provides basic blade positioning assistance without added hardware or a GPS signal
  • Cat Slope Indicate is standard, showing the machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation on the primary monitor
  • Factory Attachment Ready Option (ARO) provides optimal mounting locations, brackets and hardware and simplifies installation of an aftermarket grade control system
  • Blade Load Monitor gives real-time feedback on current vs. optimal blade load 
  • Traction Control detects track slip and temporarily reduces track power 
  • Second generation Stable Blade works seamlessly with operator blade inputs for smoother surfaces when grading manually
  • Cat LINK telematics technology gathers data generated by equipment, materials and people
  • Hill Descent Control maintains preselected machine speed, without using the service brakes, for added control when working downhill
  • Hill Hold automatically engages the brakes to hold position when in neutral on a slope
  • Decel Brake Pedal controls machine speed all the way to a complete stop, or for smooth inching control
  • Steering Radius Control uses steering and decel pedal input to automatically downshift for a tighter turning radius and more maneuverability
  • Available in Standard or Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configurations, with either a push arm or Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade
  • Folding VPAT blade is available
  • Waste, Forestry/Land Clearing and Fire Dozer configurations offer specialized factory-installed guarding and other features

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