2006 Excavator Specs

Your guide to hundreds of excavator models from all of the leading suppliers.

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This year's Excavator Spec Guide ecompasses 29 of the major excavator suppliers and hundreds of the latest models. Although the spec information provided can tell you a great deal about the capabilities of the individual machines, selecting the right excavator for your fleet goes beyond comparing numbers. Many other factors can impact the optimum excavator choice, including the operating costs over the course of the work day. That's why we've asked excavator suppliers to provide a description of features specifically designed to enhance power and performance without sacrificing fuel economy. You'll find many of their responses included with the spec listings.

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch mini-excavators deliver increased power and performance with a closed loop hydraulic system. This system offers the ability of full power at low rpm. For their size, the MX models offer a synergy of power and simplicity of operation that make digging and backfilling easy. Featuring low ground pressure and greater bucket digging force, these well-balanced units can prepare everything from a small lot to a large service trench.

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Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo excavators feature an ergonomic operator's seat with multiple adjustments for individual comfort, lever consoles with vertical adjustment, easy-to-reach and easy-to-read controls, electronic climate control and greater visibility from the cab with a clear view in the digging direction. Immediate machine response to commands and optimum coordination between operator and machine allow for efficient and comfortable application.

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TEREX Construction
TEREX compact excavators have hydraulics matched to the engine, allowing smaller engines to be used without compromising hydraulic efficiency and engine performance, while reducing fuel consumption. Load-sensing hydraulics with two in-line pumps help to maximize oil flow as the workload increases. Once the hydraulic oil reaches the factory preset pressure, pump No. 2 is dropped, leaving pump No. 1 to supply flow, resulting in lower demand on the engine to ultimately reduce fuel consumption.

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Kobelco excavators use state-of-the-art components and design – including electronic injection, exhaust gas recirculation and turbocharging – to maximize the fuel's energy for work. In-line shaft-driven, variable-displacement pump technology, as well as advanced hydraulic system designs and techniques reduce the amount of energy lost. Good cylinder design results in the most efficient use of energy created in the form of hydraulic fluid flow and pressure. The cylinders on Kobelco excavators are sized to produce the appropriate amount of force and speed.

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Doosan Infracore America Corp.
Doosan's load-sensing hydraulic system utilizes an E.P.O.S. (Electronic Power Optimizing System) to effectively manage fuel economy and power output. The new engines' torque curves deliver more power with equal or less fuel consumption. Doosan/Daewoo excavators also utilize a two-mode system. The standard power mode utilizes 85% of engine power for optimum fuel efficiency. For tough digging conditions, switch to power mode to obtain 100% of engine power.

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Gehl Co.
Gehl's excavator hydraulic system components are properly matched and sized to deliver increased power and performance without sacrificing fuel economy. Calculating the right size, pressure and flow requirements are critical depending on the unit's physical size. To do this, you must know the physical power requirements and available engine space for a given unit and specify components accordingly. Efficient hydraulic systems can work in the correct operating ranges of engines to maximize fuel efficiency.

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All Link-Belt LX series excavators come with Inte-LX, an intelligent computer command control system that monitors hydraulic output and pressures, while regulating engine performance. Inte-LX also maintains engine rpms when load demands change. The electronic governor responds quickly to changes in operating loads, so fuel use is regulated accurately and quickly. By reducing system pressure loss, regenerating return oil and providing double pump flow during key operations, fuel consumption and cycle times are more efficient in 90° swing/dump operations vs. conventional models.

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Thomas Equipment Ltd.
Designed for the global market, all Thomas mini-excavators meet EU Stage 2 and Tier II regulations to ensure maximum emission control, while maintaining fuel efficiency. Increased speed of the boom, bucket and arm combined with greater breakout force all add up to increased efficiencies and quicker work cycles. Low noise levels along with suspension seats, a larger operator area, redesigned controls and enhanced safety systems provide for a safe, comfortable operator environment.

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Takeuchi Mfg.
Takeuchi excavators utilize a four pump hydraulic system (two variable-displacement piston pumps and two gear pumps). The two main piston pumps share the same rotating group directly coupled to the flywheel, which gives them the ability to operate at peak hydraulic output levels while utilizing less flywheel horsepower and fuel. (The TB108 does not use a four pump hydraulic system.) Several models also offer a standard decelerator feature that allows the operator to return the machine to low idle at the push of a button.

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Gradall Industries, Inc.
Gradall excavators are equipped with high-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics that deliver the appropriate horsepower for the job at hand, automatically maximizing both productivity and fuel efficiency. With telescoping, tilting booms, the units are ideally engineered for everything from mass excavation, pavement removal and demolition to fine grading, sloping and ditching. Models are available with highway speed wheeled undercarriages, on/off pavement wheeled undercarriages and crawlers.

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IHI/Compact Excavator Sales LLC
The IHI mini-excavator engines and hydraulic systems are designed to deliver the maximum breakout force with the least amount of horsepower and rpms required. The two-gear/two-piston pump hydraulic system is at the forefront of technology for mini-excavators. The piston pumps decrease fuel usage, which boosts the fuel economy by 10% compared to previous all-gear pump hydraulic systems. All IHI equipment exceeds OSHA and Tier II engine rules and regulation standards.

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Vermeer Mfg. Co.
The entire Vermeer excavator product line uses Tier II Kubota Diesel engines, which add power and performance without sacrificing fuel economy. For example, the CX219Z uses a hydraulic piston pump system that feeds the pilot-operated controls to enhance cycle times and reduce overall time on the job. In addition, the load-sensing hydraulic system eliminates unnecessary oil flow to the hydraulic circuit. This allows the machine to direct oil flow where and when it is needed, thus minimizing horsepower and rpm requirements to power the system.

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John Deere Construction & Forestry Co.
The John Deere D-Series excavators are designed to get more done at less cost on earthmoving and material-handling jobs. These machines retain the features of their predecessors, while providing faster hydraulics, a redesigned cab, undercarriage enhancements and a new cooling system. The result is a boost in productivity and uptime, as well as lower daily costs. Power, smoothness, ease of operation and comfort ensure a fit for most excavating applications.

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Coyote Loader Sales Inc.
Coyote mini-excavators are manufactured by Nagano Industries in Japan. Fuel economy is achieved through the use of fuel-efficient, low-horsepower engines. The hydraulic system power, supplied by the high-efficiency pumps, results in higher breakout force.

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Komatsu America Corp.
Komatsu's new excavator engines are designed to deliver optimum performance under the toughest conditions, while meeting the latest environmental regulations. Most models are equipped with engine working modes. Each engine mode is designed to match engine speed, pump flow and system pressure with the current application, enabling the operator to increase production and lifting power or reduce fuel consumption.

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Case Construction Equipment
All current Case CX Series Excavator engines are fully electronically controlled, which means they operate at peak efficiency for the function being performed. The units feature pressure-compensated hydraulics, which match hydraulic horsepower to hydraulic function. This provides very efficient operation. In general, many improvements to hydraulic systems increase both fuel economy and performance.

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Kubota Tractor Corp.
Kubota engineers select an engine with just enough horsepower to run the hydraulic system, plus a little extra for heavy-duty applications on hot days or when the machines are used at altitude. Variable-displacement pump systems can change the oil flow for varying load conditions, further reducing fuel consumption. Other fuel-saving features include a load sensing system and auto idling system.

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JCB Inc.
JCB is constantly refining its excavator products to get the most powerful and efficient machines available, while ensuring compliance with the legislation demands for ever-lower emissions and noise levels in the construction industry. The combination of simple-to-use electronics and easy maintenance ensures that any JCB excavator can continue to work at its highest level of performance year in and year out.

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Mustang Mfg. Co. Inc.
To deliver increased power and performance without sacrificing fuel economy, Mustang excavators' hydraulic system components are properly matched and sized. Calculating the right size, pressure and flow requirements are critical depending on the unit's physical size. To do this you must know the physical power requirements and the available space for an engine for a given unit and specify components accordingly. That is the key to fuel economy.

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Caterpillar Inc.
Caterpillar engines with ACERT Technology precisely control fuel and air delivery and shape the combustion cycle to optimize fuel combustion for reduced emissions and optimum work output. The ADEM A4 engine controller tracks engine and machine conditions to keep the engine operating at peak efficiency. In addition, automatic engine speed control — a two-stage, one-touch control system — helps to maximize fuel efficiency by reducing engine speed when the machine controls are not being manipulated.

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Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand's 7.5-metric-ton ZX-75 and 12.5-metric-ton ZX-125 compact excavators provide optimum performance for building, landscaping, utility installation, general construction and repair work. The ZX-75 has a 16,538-lb. operating weight and a 72-hp, four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. The ZX-125 has a 27,563-lb. operating weight and a 94-hp, four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. Both feature zero tailswing to safely operate in tight jobsite conditions.

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Yanmar Construction Equipment
Yanmar excavators incorporate the VIPPS (ViO Progressive Three-Pump System) hydraulics. The system delivers smooth operation of simultaneous hydraulic functions of the arm and boom, or arm and bucket, as excess oil flow from pump three combines with pumps one and two. Low fuel consumption is achieved by using a variable-displacement piston pump and efficient oil flow. The ability to use a lower horsepower engine results in lower fuel consumption and engine noise without sacrificing performance.

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Liebherr Construction Equipment Co.
The new Liebherr designed and built Tier III-compliant diesel engines feature optimized power, high efficiency and long operating life. Engine efficiency is assured by the LIDEC-Electronic (Liebherr Diesel Engine Control) engine management system, which monitors all performance parameters and varies the settings based on demand.

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Hitachi Construction and Mining Products
The Zaxis Dash-3 excavators combine Isuzu's new Tier III-certified engines with Hitachi's own next-generation HIOS III hydraulic system to increase power and performance while improving fuel economy. The engine achieves its fuel efficiency and greater output primarily through a common-rail fuel injection system and the cooled exhaust gas recirculation system. The updated hydraulic system specifically matches the engine's torque curve, plus uses a hydraulic boosting system and an enhanced boom recirculation system.

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New Holland Construction
New Holland excavators use state-of-the-art components and design to use a maximum amount of the fuel's energy for work. Electronic injection, turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation are a few of the technologies allowing the most usable energy to be captured from a given quantity of fuel. In-line shaft-driven, variable-displacement pumps and advanced hydraulic systems minimize heat loss. further enhancing fuel efficiency.

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Brokk Inc.
Brokk maximizes power and efficiency by utilizing advanced load-sensing hydraulics that ensure only the amount of power that is needed is spent at any given time, thus eliminating wasted energy. The Brokk machines are purposely designed for concrete breaking, thus delivering maximum productivity with concrete breaking attachments such as breakers and crushers.

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TEREX Construction Americas
While meeting demands for greater productivity — more horsepower, higher speeds, bigger load capacities — TEREX heavy excavators fulfill stringent federal emission and efficiency standards. The turbocharged Tier II- and Tier III-compliant diesel engines' e-EPOS System uses variable-displacement piston pumps, ensuring high efficiency and lower fuel consumption. An "auto idle" feature kicks in when the machine comes to a rest, dropping to a lower, fuel-saving engine speed.

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Bobcat Co.
Bobcat optimizes hydraulic efficiency by utilizing torque limiting, variable-displacement piston pumps, which feed pressure-compensating, closed-center hydraulic control valves. The torque limiting feature of Bobcat's piston pumps minimizes engine lugging to extend fuel efficiency of the Tier II diesel engines.

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Hyundai Construction Equipment
Fuel economy is a major factor in all Hyundai products. This is why the new electronics on board the new-generation excavators help to regulate and balance horsepower control throughout the full digging range. The right size engine also matches the hydraulic demand without sacrificing power and speed.

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