2005 Excavator Specs

This year's Excavator Spec Guide encompasses 28 of the major excavator suppliers and hundreds of the latest models. Although the spec information provided can tell you a great deal about the operating performance of the individual machines, selecting the right excavator for your fleet goes beyond comparing numbers. Many other factors can impact excavator performance, particularly the productivity of your operators. That's why we've asked excavator suppliers to provide a description of features specifically designed to enhance operator comfort and promote ease of operation.

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Hyundai Construction Equipment

Complementing the Robex Series 7 excavators are a host of advanced operator and machine features. A widened operator cab provides improved ventilation, maximum comfort and lower sound levels. The cab also includes large rear and side windows. The undercarriage has track rail guides and adjusters and a reinforced box-section with all welded, low-stress, high-strength steel for greater machine performance.

Coyote Loader Sales Inc.

Coyote Loaders introduces a line of efficient, powerful mini-excavators. Six sizes range in operating weights from 1,676 to 16,868 lbs. and offer 7.4- to 60-hp ratings. A variety of available attachments include an auger, breaker, buckets and clamps, grapple, cutter crusher, plate compactor and ripper.

Bobcat Co.

Bobcat has incorporated an advanced hydraulic system into its mid-sized compact excavators that provides smooth, balanced control while maintaining industry-leading cycle times and aggressive digging forces. The new hydraulic system features a dual outlet piston pump, closed-center control valve, high-pressure hydraulic system and pilot control travel system. It has been implemented on the Bobcat 331, 334, 331E and 430 models.

Vermeer Mfg. Co.

Vermeer's compact excavators have an ergonomically designed cab with all controls easy to reach and logically placed for ease of use. Pilot-operated hydraulic controls, ergonomic joysticks and strategically placed armrests minimize fatigue of the operator's hands and arms. An adjustable suspension seat provides additional comfort while traveling and working in uneven terrain. An optional cab and air conditioning are also available.

The Gradall Co.

The Gradall Model 4300-II 45,000-lb.-class hydraulic excavator features a tilting, telescoping boom, plus wheeled mobility both on and off paved surfaces. High-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics deliver the power and cycle times required for the particular task. A 166-hp turbocharged Deere engine powers the working upperstructure and the four-wheel-drive undercarriage. Most service points are accessible from ground level.

IHI/Compact Excavator Sales LLC

The IHI's angled crawler frame design inhibits dirt from caking onto the surface and promotes drainage. This also extends the life of the undercarriage and its components. A shockless valve provides smooth movement when operating the arm and boom, which promotes longevity of seals and bushings. The rubber track life has been extended by reshaping the space between the rollers and the lower frame.

Takeuchi Mfg.

Takeuchi's 5.5-ton TB53FR combines zero tailswing with a side-to-side (STS) offset boom system that allows the operator to slew 360° within inches of the machine width. The STS boom and low center of gravity provide the same digging speed, power and visibility as the company's conventional excavators. The tilt-up operator's station on the TB53FR and several conventional models allows for quick, easy access to the engine compartment, hydraulic pumps, valve bank, hoses and filters.

LBX Co., LLC - Link-Belt Excavators

The Link-Belt earthmoving equipment cab features ergonomically situated controls, expansive head and leg room, enhanced visibility, standard climate control, tilting consoles, Lexan windows and a nine-way adjustable seat with suspension and lumbar support. The cab is mounted on six silicon-filled mounts, minimizing noise and vibration. Selectable working modes such as "Selectable Free Swing" and "Attachment Cushion" further suppress vibration, helping to reduce operator fatigue.

Yanmar Construction Equipment

A larger operator's platform with added knee and elbow room, along with better sight lines to the ground ease the working motion. An offset track design increases side-to-side stability. A hydraulic quick coupler speeds bucket changes. True zero tailswing allows excavation close to walls and foundations. A progressive three-pump system increases power, speed and smooths controllability. One side engine servicing enables quicker daily engine checks.

Kobelco Construction Machinery America

Kobelco Construction Machinery America offers a full line of excavators. Kobelco compact excavators (5,557 to 10,275 lbs.) feature zero tailswing. Short radius excavators (16,400 to 57,300 lbs.) are designed for crowded spaces. ED150 and ED190 Blade Runner excavators (14 and 15 tons) add the productivity of a mid-size dozer. Kobelco Dynamic Acera excavators (47,000 to 108,045 lbs.) deliver big breakout force and capacity.

John Deere Construction & Forestry Co.

John Deere 35D and 50D zero tailswing compact excavators provide faster operating speeds and more drawbar pull for reduced cycle times. They also offer better comfort with updated controls and cab, and lower operating costs thanks to auto-idle and longer oil change intervals. A long arm and heavy counterweight option provide an additional foot of dig depth and reach. The updated undercarriage sheds dirt easily for reduced cleaning time.

Gehl Co.

Gehl's zero tailswing and short tailswing models incorporate a large, ergonomic cab with an adjustable seat headrest and armrests. A redesigned dashboard places all controls and indicators within the operator's direct field of vision. All models offer optional air conditioning packages. A side-mounted engine and tilting cab provide enhanced service access and operator space.

Komatsu America Corp.

The cabs for most models of Komatsu excavators are isolated from the revolving frame with viscous mounts constructed of a rubber pad, spring and silicon oil reservoir. Operator noise and vibration exposure are greatly reduced. Most models also feature the Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS), which reduces downtime by tracking machine condition and providing diagnostic guidance.

Case Construction Equipment

Case CX Series excavators ranging from 7.5 to 80 tons deliver quick cycle times, powerful lift and breakout forces and precision control. The Case Pro Control System combines advanced hydraulics and intelligent electronic control for greater fuel savings and smoother, more accurate response during trenching, excavating and craning operations. A roomy cab is standard, along with a wide entry and panoramic visibility from the operator's seat.

Thomas Equipment Ltd.

Thomas mini-excavators feature a central lubrication system that allows for lubrication of the slew gear, slew bearing and swing cylinder head pin all from a single location on the side of the swing frame. The engine compartments feature open, unobstructed space, providing total service accessibility. High-capacity oil coolers and large-volume hydraulic reservoirs ensure cool operation in all weather conditions.

Kubota Tractor Corp.

Smooth hydraulic operation and optimum weight distribution reduce machine bounce when trenching. Kubota's Hydraulic Matching System (HMS) allows smooth, simultaneous and easy control of the front working group. Load-sensing hydraulic systems maximize speed, power and cylinder timing. The angle blade improves backfilling efficiency by almost 40% compared to standard blades, and 64% compared to trenchers.

JCB Inc.

The JCB range of excavators all have a distinctive feel - from the layout in the cab to the operation and response of the controls. Output is optimized to give maximum performance, while offering efficiency in ownership. Service access is very important so all models are designed to be simple to maintain and service.

Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corp.

Precision joystick controls, increased air conditioner performance and a low-vibration viscous mounting system for the cab help make the Daewoo Solar-V Series excavator comfortable for the operator. Increased panoramic vision with lightweight controls were also designed with operator comfort in mind. These features combine to allow the operator to work comfortably, stay organized and operate productively all day, every day.

Mustang Mfg. Co. Inc.

Mustang has recently upgraded several models in its line of 12 compact excavators. Improvements to the operator station include easy to read instrumentation and ergonomically designed levers and seating. Increased lift capacities, digging depths and breakout forces are also among the improvements the line has seen in the past year.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo excavators feature an ergonomic operator's seat with multiple adjustments for individual comfort, lever consoles with vertical adjustment, easy-to-reach and easy-to-read controls, electronic climate control and greater visibility from a cab with a clear view in the digging direction. Immediate machine response to commands and optimum coordination between operator and machine allow for efficient and comfortable work.

Terex Construction

From ergonomic controls to an innovative cab, Terex compact excavators deliver greater comfort and control. Updated features include an ABS-molded console loaded on the right-hand side that contains throttle, starter switch and electric toggle switches, a central, easy-to-read instrument cluster and improved dampening for a quieter ride. Added breakout and digging forces and 18- to 94-hp engines provide the power for nearly any application.

Caterpillar Inc.

The Caterpillar C-Series cab layout emphasizes simplicity and ease of use to sustain operator efficiency for an entire shift. The machine automatically adjusts the work mode to the task. Air conditioning and a suspension seat are standard on medium and large excavators. Fully automatic climate control adjusts temperature and ventilation flow without requiring frequent operator input. The cab provides superior sight lines to the work area.

Ditch Witch

The redesigned MX352 picks up where its predecessor (the MX35) left off - digging deeper, reaching farther, and dumping higher than ever before. The MX family's sturdy undercarriage and zero tailswing ability are enhanced by a roomier, more secure operator station and new X-track frame. An air conditioned cab enables the operator to keep pace with the hard-working, easy to maintain Komatsu engine.

Hitachi Construction and Mining Products

Hitachi excavators feature extremely sensitive hydraulic controls for greater precision. Smooth, multi-functioning operations enable simultaneous operations such as swinging and traveling. The CRES cab design guards the operator, reduces noise and vibration and provides a comfortable, ergonomic layout. Air conditioning is standard with any enclosed cab. A standard onboard computer system tracks error codes, temperatures and pressures for easy diagnostics.

Brokk Inc.

With more than 20 years of experience in North America, Brokk continues to offer its innovative concrete breaking systems to the construction and demolition markets. All Brokk systems are electrically powered, lightweight and compact, which makes them particularly suitable for sensitive and confined space demolition. The remote feature makes the units even safer to operate. The systems can utilize a variety of high-powered tools.

Liebherr Construction Equipment Co.

Liebherr excavators are specifically designed for maximum productivity, greater digging and breakout forces and quick cycle times. The Litronic system assures smooth, precise operation. State-of-the-art ergonomic cab design, high visibility to the work area and to the rear of the machine, standard air conditioning and a wide variety of attachments enhance versatility and productivity.

New Holland Construction

The EH15.B, EH27.B, EH30.B, EH35.B and EH50.B compact excavators feature conveniently positioned operating levers and foot rests, plus a 20% larger platform footprint. The EH70 and EH80 mid-sized models offer easy-to-read multi-display monitors, increased visibility, easy accessibility, reduced noise levels, seven-way adjustable seats and tilted foot rests. Large, climate-controlled cabs on the EH160 and EH215 accommodate any size operator.

Terex Construction Americas

The TXC series features long tracks to increase machine stability and lower ground pressure. A liquid isolation mount minimizes cab noise and vibration. The advanced graphic display LCD information monitor panel makes troubleshooting easier and simplifies machine performance record keeping. Wheeled models feature precision hydraulic controls for smooth control and simultaneous function independent of load.