[VIDEO] SANY America SY215C Excavators Proudly Built in Georgia

Each day, the SANY America factory in Peachtree City, GA assembles one of these 4,400 piece SY215 Excavators during an eight hour shift.

The SANY America team is dedicated to making equipment to suit the American consumer. They asked experienced operators and owners around the country for feedback and work to build their machines and support teams around their needs. 

SANY launched 10 new machines at CONEXPO 2020 in an effort to provide more of the options the American consumers have been requesting. The SY155U’s weight class and zero tail swing are great examples of responding to customer feedback because it makes hauling logistics easier and meets stringent restrictions in states like California. The  SANY SY215C Excavator  and the SY265C are both currently being assembled in Peachtree City, GA and the company has plans in the near future to expand production lines to other models as well.