Hitachi ZW310-6 Wheel Loader

53,310- to 54,390-lb. loader is equipped with a 285-hp (gross) Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final-certified engine that does not require a DPF

Hitachi Zw310 6 Cover

The ZW310-6 wheel loader has an operating weight range of 53,310 to 54,390 lbs. and is equipped with a 285-hp (gross) Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final-certified engine that does not require a diesel particulate filter, which reduces maintenance costs. Combined with the lock-up transmission, it enhances fuel efficiency while travelling. In hill-climbing environments the machine speed is further enhanced.

[VIDEO] Equipment Operator Shares Impressions of Hitachi’s New Dash-6 Wheel Loaders

  • 5.5-cu.-yd. bucket capacity (ISO heaped)
  • Static tipping load up to 41,490 lbs. and breakout force up to 44,740 lbs.
  • 25% improvement in traction force compared to the previous modelHitachi Zw310 6 4
  • 360° panoramic view from the spacious cab, curved engine hood, in-dash rear view camera and repositioning of the muffler and air intake
  • Operator's station includes a multifunctional LCD monitor, standard heated air suspension seat, adjustable side console and optional E-Stick Joystick Steering System
  • Features standard ride control feature and comes with ConSite telematics monitoring and reporting system
  • Quick power switch increases engine output when more power is instantly required or for hill climbing
  • Enhanced durability via aluminum radiators, heavy-duty structural features, Z-link boom arms to improve reach and clearance, box section frame, base-mounted boom cylinder and heavy-duty center pin
  • Cab design includes a low-profile dash, full-length doors, well-organized storage areas and improved sound insulation for a quieter working environment
  • Ease of service via engine covers that open fully for convenient access to the engine, ground level access to fluids and filters and extended hydraulic and engine oil change intervals

Click on the video to scroll through a 360° view inside the cab and to see the loader in action from the operator's perspective:

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