K-Tec Earthmovers Showcasing 7 New or Updated Machines at CONEXPO 2020

Pan-scraper specialist K-Tec will demonstrate equipment hourly, feature the first pull-pan scraper telematics system and a Virtual Reality experience to simulate scraper ride and machine controls.

K-Tec 1030 concept scraper
K-Tec 1030 concept scraper
K Tec Logo

K-Tec’s newest and innovative earthmoving scrapers and accessories will be on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 outdoor Festival Grounds in booth #F2932.

Booth attendees will enjoy a fully immersive earthmoving experience at K-Tec’s 10,000 sq.ft. space. Nine prominent earthmoving machines will be showcased around the perimeter of the booth.

K-Tec will have hourly product demonstrations to cycle the scraper hydraulics as an in-booth education opportunity, along with a Virtual Reality (VR) experience for operator attendees to simulate the smooth scraper ride and machine controls.

K-Tec’s fully carpeted booth space will have a centralized covered structure, complete with a comfortable earthmoving video lounge seating. Furthermore, contractors can now reserve a meeting room appointment to speak with an earthmoving scraper specialist about the solutions available for specific applications and to analyze their current earthmoving equipment fleet performance with the K-Tec massive advantage.

Here's a preview of what will be featured at the K-Tec booth.

1228ADT Scraper with new telematics system

K-tec 1228ADT scraperK-tec 1228ADT scraper

The K-Tec 1228ADT is an attractive choice for contractors with older or idle 25- to 35-ton ADT’s in their fleets to transform into efficient and versatile scraper haulers.

K-Tec is pioneering the first pull-pan scraper telematics system on the market. This revolutionary technology allows for real-time K-Tec earthmoving jobsite performance information linked to the office via cloud software dashboard. The contractor will be able to view daily average cycle times and volume of material moved to provide confidence in the efficient K-Tec scraper fleet.

New EJB Ejector Box for Volvo A40 Articulated Dump Truck

K-Tec EJB ejector bodyK-Tec EJB ejector body

K-Tec’s innovative Ejector Body (EJB) has a payload capacity of 40-tons and fits on Volvo A40 and A45 ADT’s. The EJB allows for trucks to safely eject loaded material in areas with reduced overhead clearance. The K-Tec EJB’s patent-pending, bolt-together design makes for affordable overseas shipments.

New Concept Scraper 1030 Model

K-Tec 1030 concept scraperK-Tec 1030 concept scraper

A narrow 10-ft. heaped capacity scraper. Featuring innovations such as a roller-push block, direct train hitch and a curved ejector face, this unique new concept scraper from K-Tec is ready for contractor’s expert feedback.

New Earthmoving Support Tractor (EST)

K-Tec EST earthmoving support tractorK-Tec EST earthmoving support tractor

The new EST consists of a Case IH wheel tractor with a K-Tec Ox Block and a K-Tec Tricerabox. This combination is bringing a cost-effective solution to push assisting scrapers and maintaining jobsite productivity. The EST is the champion of the cut zone, allowing for smooth earthmoving operating efficiency.

On the front of the EST, the K-Tec Ox Block is a pusher block designed for push-loading scrapers for maximum capacity and decreased time in the cut zone, which improves productivity.

The K-Tec Tricerabox is a 14-ft.-wide box blade that is mounted to a 3-point hitch. The Tricerabox has a hydraulically operated seven shank ripper for breaking up hard soil or aerating wet jobsites.

1233 Lead Scraper featuring new skid shoes

K-Tec’s popular 1233 pull-pan ejector scraper is a ruggedly versatile earthmover. The 1233 Lead scraper can train another 1233 scraper for a tandem 66 cu.yds. heaped capacity to have your equipment fleet grow with your company. The new skid shoe option allows for smooth finish grading applications when paired with flat cutting edges and Trimble GPS technology.

1613FX Land Leveler with new road transport wheel option and flex chain design

K-Tec 1613FX land levelerK-Tec 1613FX land leveler

K-Tec’s 16-ft.-wide Land Leveler has an impressive 13-cu.-yd. drag capacity to help contractors score a perfect grade on construction haul roads. K-Tec’s new and easy road transport wheel option allows for legal road transportation between jobsites.

1243ADT Scraper

K-Tec 1243ADT scraperK-Tec 1243ADT scraper

When the job requires larger capacity with long haul roads, the K-Tec 1243ADT excels even in the toughest conditions. While proficient in self-loading, the standard roller push block on the back of the scraper is smoothly matched for push support loading for swift cycle times of the 43-cu.-yd heaped capacity scraper.

New Remote Jobsite Parts Kit

K-Tec’s convenient kit for having all spare consumable parts onsite to support and maintain earthmoving fleet operations. Discuss parts and service and obtain educational maintenance information to learn more about minimizing downtime and increasing scraper performance.