Cat Productivity: Cloud-based Application Provides Complete Overview of Machine and Jobsite Production.

Cat provides a new way to analyze work-site performance and help improve productivity with a new app.

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Cat Productivity is an easy to implement cloud-based application that provides a complete overview of machine and jobsite production. It is a data rich tool that delivers consolidated and actionable site-level information to analyze performance, improve productivity and increase profits.

New features communicate and consolidate performance metrics on a single, easy-to-read dashboard, providing quick oversight of multiple jobs. Available mid-2020, Cat Productivity will provide critical jobsite metrics, such as productivity, utilization and cost.

Cat Productivity provides key equipment performance data needed to draw the full potential out of every asset. Cat Productivity tracks and reports detailed information on what the machine is doing. Actionable information is accessible wherever the user is, via web browsers on desktops or mobile devices, and includes metrics, such as truck identity, idle time, fuel burn, location, payload, load counts, total cycles and more. The sophisticated analytics provided by Cat Productivity deliver a deeper level of actionable insight, allowing users to dramatically improve machine efficiency, productivity, utilization and reduced per-unit costs.

The latest version of Cat Productivity has expanded to cover a broader range of new and previous-model Cat machines and offers richer data sets when Cat machines are equipped with Cat Production Measurement or Truck Payload Measurement System. In addition, Cat Productivity can now be configured to capture and analyze data from mixed equipment fleets, giving companies better insight into overall jobsite production statistics. 

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