REMU Big Float 800 Debuts at INTERMAT 2012

Pontoon tracks replace conventional excavator undercarriage to make excavators amphibious

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REMU's Big Float 800 is designed to be a cost-effective alternative for bigger machines on jobsites where digging depth isn't much more than 13 ft. This amphibious conversion is based on an 8-ton excavator. Total weight is 27,600 lbs. and it can be transported with three-axle trucks. Boom length is 25-ft. 4in., which enables a 13-ft 6-in. digging depth.

Like other Big Float models, the Big Float 800 can travel to the jobsite on tracks or can be towed or driven with propellers along waterways. With extra pontoons and anchoring legs, it can be operated in open water. Propellers can be added to extra pontoons for easier movement.

  • Transport length: 22 ft. 9 in.
  • Transport width: 9 ft. 11 in.
  • Transport height: 10 ft. 7 in.


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