Goodyear Scraper Radial Tires

Goodyear OTR RL3J 573cb1d824120

The RT-3A (E-3) scraper tire comes in size 33.25R29, the RT-3A+ (E-3+) comes in size 40.5/75R39 and the RL-3J (E-3) is available in size 37.25R35.

  • RT-3A (E-3) and RT-3A+ (E-3+) offer cool-running, radial construction, an aggressive tread pattern, geometric lug pattern, even pressure distribution and buttressed, self-cleaning lugs
  • RL-3J (E-3) for high-speed use on moderate to severe underfoot conditions features a zig-zag, centerline groove for lateral traction in high-torque applications, tapered, self-cleaning shoulder lugs and high-tensile steel belt package

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