QSM12 Tier 4 Final Engine

Cummins Qsm12 High 3qtr Fuel 10920403

Cummins' QSM12 Tier 4 Final engine features up to 512-output for heavy-duty applications. The 6-cylinder, 12-liter engine meets Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV near-zero emissions regulations and has over 30% higher power-to-weight ratio than the class average for engines with a similar power range.

  • Higher efficiency air handling, advanced combustion enable engine to return to a wastegated turbocharger for near-zero emissions without EGR
  • Heat rejection lowered by over 40% compared to engines using cooled EGR
  • Sculptured block retains high rigidity while removing unnecessary mass
  • Cummins Xtra-High Pressure Injection (XPI) fuel system
  • Rear gear train reduces vibration and lowers noise by at least 1 dBA
  • DPF-SCR aftertreatment system
  • Can work at 45-degree angularity with the standard oil sump fitted
  • Integrated Cummins Direct Flow air filtration system
  • Two-stage fuel filter system with NanoNet media to trap almost 99% of all particles as small as 5 microns
  • Available in either a rear-out, low-mount position or a front-out, mid-mount position
  • Ratings: 335 to 512 hp
  • Peak torque: 1,700 lb.-ft.
  • Weight: 1,900 lbs.
  • Power-to-weight: .027 hp per lb.
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