Spectro Scientific Next-generation FluidScan Portable Oil Analyzers

Oil analyzer includes upgraded electronics, software, memory and ergonomics

Spectro Scientific Next Gen Fluid Scan
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The FluidScan mid-infrared spectrometer handheld oil analyzers feature upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors with new software and calculation algorithms that speed the analysis process.

  • Collect light transmitted through one drop of a fluid sample and register the infrared absorption spectrum
  • Compare spectrum data to a built-in fluid reference library and provide rapid, on-site analysis of in-service lubricants in less than one minute
  • Oil library includes almost 800 oils and greases of a wide range of chemistry and brands
  • Grease library significantly expanded and a new water index parameter helps users track dissolved water trends in used grease
  • Permits users to determine if a substance with a different chemistry is mixed with the lubricant
  • New bBiodiesel detection algorithm measures percentage of biodiesel fluid in engine oil
  • Provides ability to make corrections to stored factory fluid data 
  • Includes a 50% larger and brighter LCD screen and LED light in the sampling head to quickly check for air bubbles in an oil sample
  • FluidScan 1000 designed as a standalone unit for fleet operations or oil analysis labs, and FluidScan 1100 engineered to operate on a standalone basis or as part of a Spectro MiniLab configuration
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